auto accidents and injuries
I am different from other law firms in that I personally work on all of my clients' cases from beginning to end. I enjoy helping my clients through this difficult time in their life. If you are looking for an attorney who truly cares about helping your through this difficult time, please call me. (619) 206-2056

Comments of former clients found online:

"Michael was very trust worthy and diligent while working with my situation. He also was very informative, and gave me both the good and bad as far as what could happen with my case."   "He was thorough and organized, and I have no problem referring him to others who may need his service. Thank you for your help Michael!"

"The 1st attorney dropped my case when the other driver said the accident was my fault. But it wasn't my fault. I was discouraged and didn't know what to do. My mother urged me to call Mike, so I did. We met, I told him about my case, and he agreed to help me. He worked very hard on my case, and he always kept me informed. I have referred my friends to Mike."

"Me ayudo mucho despues del accidente el Mike es muy honesto y habla muy bien el espanol"

"He took time to talk to me, not like other lawyers who are never available. He helped me on phone when I first called. Thank you very much."

"This guy is a very helpful attorney. I had him a few years back and was great."

"Mr. Mike is very frendly and helped me while on the phone even though I have a very small problem and he was not my attorney. Mr. Mike told me what I could do on my own without an attorney to save money. Thank you Mr. Mike - I will tell all my frends who need a attorney to call you!

"very polite and helpful! I have no attorney and call for advice, Mr. Mike help me and told me what I should do. very nice person and will tell all my frends to call Mr. Mike when need an attorney."

"very good i am very happy thank you for helping me mike work hard and helpd me with my case i would recomend"

"Attorney Mike help me very much! Thank you. Muchisimas gracias abogado mike!"

"Very good I am very happy. Thank you. "

"el mike me ayudo mucho por telefone sin conocerme y le doy muchas gracias por ayudarme y lo recomiendo "

"he took the time to listen and gave me advice on the phone for free, he was very helpful even before I was his client"

"Thanks Mike! You were so friendly and helpful. I am so glad I called. I will tell all my friends about you. "

"llame al abogado solo para consejo porque el caso mio es muy chico el abogado mike me ayudo el paso unos diez minutos en el telefono conmigo y no me cobro nada es muy honesto buena persona."

"cuando tengan un caso de accidente de carro, es bueno que sepan que existe un brillante abogado!!!!"

"Super job! Thanks for the help. "

"Attorney Mike help me very much! Thank you "


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